What the hell is ‘healthcare’ anyway? Let’s start with that.


 [helth-kair] nounAlso, health care
1. the field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind.; 2. any of the procedures or methods employed in this field.
adjectiveAlso, health-care; 3. of, pertaining to, or involved in healthcare: healthcare workers; a healthcare center.
Nice, neat definition, right? Connotatively, the word ‘health’ means wholeness, or wellness. I’m sure there is no need to elaborate on the the word ‘care.’
We are our own demise. 
Imagine the burden on the healthcare industry as people avoid actually caring for themselves. Over and over, I hear people complain of varying illnesses and then watch what they consume and how they live. I see people treat their bodies as though they will last forever. I’ve done it. I understand the Gray-like desire to be infinite and indestructible. But we’re not. And in the US, we’re not to the extent that we have the largest, most oppressive healthcare burden in the world. The burden isn’t based on the population. The burden is based on the rate at which Americans create our own health crisis. We are among the highest in obesity rates in the world (33% of our country, 18th in the world [1]), a problem which was rarely seen until the 20th century. We are also among the highest cancer rates (318 per 100,000 [2]). We over sanitize so much that now our bodies are fighting phantom invasions by common foods.[3] We allow food manufacturers to use chemicals on our foods that are known to cause cancers and other health issues.
Unlike every other country in the world, we assume more population burden every year.
In addition to our native population increases, we take in more new population each year than ANY OTHER country on the planet. Most other countries LOSE population each year to the U.S., and we are on the verge of opening healthcare to what was already estimated at 39 million uninsured. That number increases every year as more people come to the U.S. [4] The current administration purports that healthcare will ‘pay for itself’, surely among the most laughable of all of the propaganda rained on the American public. The system is designed to fail and fail it will. It will be the product of a grossly overburdened healthcare infrastructure and no competition between providers and insurers. If we had a relatively low population increase every year, or the holy grail of population stasis, then the solutions to this problem would be so simple that even my child could understand them. Open the insurance markets so that there is competition between them and so that they can create a list of competitive products, and reward people for investing in their own health by making good choices. By volume-funding insurance markets, there would be surplus to cover the more costly treatments and those whose healthcare issues are genetic or resulting from accidents. But until we decrease the burden of care within our borders, no solution will work. Right now, it increases geometrically EVERY year. The number of qualified physicians is not increasing at the same rate because their watching the ship come apart. We WILL have a shortage in healthcare providers in the next two decades. [5]
So, citizens, when you are considering whether or not we should open our borders, AND provide universal healthcare for every US citizen, keep in mind that the more people there are needing urgent care, the lower you will be on the list of those getting care. Be aware that ‘sick’ care in this country is going to become more challenging for each one of us, so it’s even more important that we take responsibility for what we can. Do your research. Learn how food (fuel) and exercise affect your health and if you still have questions, consult with a nutritionist. More than ever, we have to become educated consumers and advocates in our own care. You cannot expect what you do not inspect.If you choose to remain ignorant to the looming changes in the system, and how it will affect your family both economically and medically, then you shouldn’t be surprised when, in the future, you have to wait for care so long that something treatable could become fatal.[1]

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