Spinning in the Sun

Through my eyelids I see the riot of gold that warms my face, my outstretched arms, the palms of my hands as they break the crisp March air. Not quite warm enough to be called Spring, but I’m sleeveless nonetheless.

two, three, four

I feel it, then, the wave that says it’s time to stop twirling, spinning, abandoning gravity for as long as I can. Finally crumpling, letting go of my reverie, landing softly in the tall grass, waiting for the world to stop, too.

This is the madness of creativity.

13 thoughts on “Spinning in the Sun

      1. For me it’s distracted. I get lost in my creativity sometimes, and forget to pay attention to the world around me. It must be so frustrating for my family when they’re trying to talk to me! 😛

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      2. Exaccccctly. Although, my husband is beginning to understand it. He’s watched me have a great idea and then promptly lose it because I didn’t act on it right away. He’s become much more understanding of those “I have to get it out of my head, right now!” moments.


      3. Great when you live with someone who understands, isn’t it? Some of my family members are more willing to leave me to it than others – but that’s what you get with kids. 😛

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  1. I see the widget now but I won’t know if I’m following you by email until you post again. It says I am… The “follow me by email” button under the comments is gone again by the way, but that might only be because I’ve already clicked it. No idea why it hasn’t worked. We’ll see I guess. 😛 Thanks for all the trouble!


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