It’s No Wonder…

Occasionally, I write for a collaborative blog in which social observations are discussed. Sometimes, a rant bubbles to the surface. I thought this piece was going to be a nasty rant, and then I realized that I’d just be doing exactly he same thing about which I was ranting.

So, I toned it down. But the message is the same. Don’t be ‘that guy’ that spreads negativity (sometimes in a vile way) and expect that you will get a positive reaction from the universe.

Bitches and Issues

The adage says if you have nothing nice to say, then shut up. There is a reason for that.

I was appalled last night when a friend posted the blog post by Curt Schilling, revealing the disgusting tweets he witnessed in response to his proud papa moment for his daughter. Apparently, spreading good news these days is an open invitation to the digital dregs to lift their diseased heads and literally piss all over the twitosphere. (See for details.)

Then, this morning, in pop news on GMA, Lara Spencer reported that the twitosphere was abuzz with ‘concerns’ over a scar on Faith Hill’s neck. For the record, she looked spectacular and gracefully represents a segment of Hollywood that I admire for their kindness and quiet generosity. Why, I wonder, was it necessary to call out the scar? Oh, I know, because it is the flaw in an otherwise lovely…

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