What is your Meta Material?

I fly my geek flag high and proud. So it should be no surprise that I squealed with delight when I came across a show about invisibility cloaking. My inner Trekkie got all hot and bothered over it.

There were several segments, separated by scientist and their particular solution. But all solutions had one thing in common: meta-material.

It wasn’t long before my mind began to wander, visualizing the many forms meta material could take. It was great entertainment for the mental workspace that is my imagination. Toward the end of the documentary, my imagination resolved that the concept of meta material is neither new, nor exclusive physical. We all have it.

For some, it is actual clothing. Take, for example, a priest. His frock is the meta material, the narrative of his life. Within his frock he is hidden, so that only the reflection of his faith and his commitment are visible to his congregation. For some, it is a countenance, an aspect of depression, cynicism, or perhaps disdain. That countenance ensures that no one will get or stay close. They add certain textures and colors to their meta material, clarifying the message. For still others, it is a symphony of behaviors: some self destructive, some flamboyant, some wildly entertaining. But it is ALL meta material.

It takes us years to design and build our own and it takes a crisis for us to remove it. Consider, the next time you have a conversation with someone, that their meta material might be pretty heavy and perhaps between the two of you, it is as thick as the wall of China. Imagine the possibilities if everyone discarded theirs.

10 thoughts on “What is your Meta Material?

  1. It’s a nice concept, if we all discarded our armour, but imagine the judging and the blame we would face if we did so! And I speak from experience. Liked the meta-material concept though. ☺

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    1. If we ALL did it, we would hardly have room to judge or blame. That’s the point. Everyone has it. I’m pretty self-aware and know what mine looks like and when I put it on. But knowing it doesn’t make it any easier to take it off, for exactly the reasons you said.

      And thanks. 🙂 I’m still working with it. That piece will probably get updated a few times.

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  2. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for opening my eyes! I think my personal meta-material is the metaphorical block I put up to not show emotion…However, I would love meta-material that was indeed an invincibility cloak!!

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  3. Kudos on the post! I think a lot of peoples meta material is woven by someone else and we are forced by conditioning to wear it, it’s not really a conscious decision we ourselves make, ’cause if we did it probably wouldn’t be something we would, under “normal” circumstances, even consider wearing.

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