Year of a Hundred Things – “Thing” # 89 – Blown Glass

Okay, okay, take a minute to titter about the title (but first, forgive my alliteration). (Oh, and thank you Linda G. Hill for reminding me how much I love the word “titter.”)

Alright, now that you’re done…

Chihuly Gallery - St. Petersburg
Chihuly Gallery – St. Petersburg

Something about brightly colored, sensuous shapes has always appealed to me. Imagine my delight, after collecting things like depression glass and hand-blown perfume bottles, at the discovery of Dale Chihuly. I’m certainly not an art critic, and therefore unqualified to offer an opinion on the art itself. But I think there is something incredibly cheerful and uplifting about it.

My long love affair with sculpted glass has led me to try to capture its beauty with my camera. Any experienced photographer will shake his or her head in understanding when I say that photographing glass is a challenge, but when you love it like I do, you keep trying. Fortunately for me, Chihuly has a gallery within an hour of my home. I get to practice often. The image attached is from his St. Petersburg, Florida location: a series of pieces reminiscent of the beauty of the seas. If you’re ever in St. Petersburg, Florida, take the time to visit Chihuly’s gallery, as well as the Dalí Museum, the Florida Museum of Art and the Vinoy Hotel. These are among the many treasures there. Obviously, Chihuly’s gallery and hothouse (Morean Art Center) are my favorites. Kudos to our mayors and city councilpersons for bringing more and more art to the tri-city area.

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