Year of a Hundred Things – “Thing” #82 – “Pinterest”

I remember a couple of years ago when I was begging my friends to “invite” me to Pinterest. I’d like to reach back through time and slap myself for my haste in submitting myself to that level of torture.

Oh, it’s a bittersweet form of torture, without doubt. For hours, I can get lost in the sheer brilliance of the millions of creative minds that contribute to the hoards of content. I stare in wonder and my heart breaks a little thinking I’ll never be that good. It drives me absolutely insane.

Why do I keep going back for more???

Well, inspiration, I guess. I see something, many times something really simple, that inspires me to create something else. It seems to me that all art has to be somewhat derivative. Not fully imitated, but inspired by something the artist found appealing.

So, as much as I am inundated, and often overwhelmed with Pinterest, I am always hopeful that the spark hits my eye and my creativity is satisfied for just one more day.

I know I am not alone in this. I know that it is to a well-membered sorority that I belong.

Hello, I am Lisa and it’s been ten minutes since my last pin. Yes. I feel my shame.

11 thoughts on “Year of a Hundred Things – “Thing” #82 – “Pinterest”

  1. I’ve never ventured to Pinterest. Not surprising really. I’ve been on Twitter for several years and only tweeted about 20 times.
    If you find inspiration there, even briefly, keep going back. When the inspiration dries up, maybe then it will be time to wean yourself from it.

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    1. Pinterest is different because it’s visual, so it’s inspiration for painting, gardening, photography, decorating, drawing, crafting for both adults and kids, etc. Twitter makes me crazy because, well, mostly pseudo-famous twits use it to regurgitate 140 characters of stupidity on an hourly basis. Fortunately, we don’t have to follow said twits. Pinterest is just loads old things I want to make or try.

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      1. My problem with Twitter was all the seemingly endless photos of bagels for lunch, or friends posting “running a bath”, or such stuff. Just drove me nuts.

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      2. Hahah…fascination with the inane. I’ve never understand that either. I follow few “friends” on Twitter for that reason. Instead, I follow companies (like Nikon, NarGeo, Scientific American, etc), comedians, artists, writers and TV shows that I like (Big Bang Theory, etc). My Twitter feed is usually pretty amusing or informative that way.


      3. How could they not be? I’m not on Twitter much though. I should be more active. And I’ll add you. No bagel photos though, okay?

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