Challenge piece, a new activity that I am enjoying, in this instance from the voluptuous Dark Night Chronicles . I’m new to writing challenges. It’s a bit daunting, but a whole lot of fun.

I started at the corner, because it had already lost its grip. The ridges and valleys spread out before me, arranged in waves shaped like David: long limbs, bent with the bliss of sleep. Just an hour before, he’d warmed the ridges and valleys, after he’d burned his touch onto my flesh.

And now, as I bent to pull away the sheet that still held his shape, I paused. At first, one knee, then another, my arms stretching toward the place where his head had rested, gathering and wringing the white cotton, losing myself in the chypre fog.

My body called to him, as I wrapped myself in the sheet, and closed my eyes. It would only be a few more hours until he returned, and his force would again heat this now cooled room.