Year of a Hundred Things – “Thing” #86, “Island Girl”

Jumping the Waves

My sister sent her DNA into back in December. I was only slightly surprised at the results since I’d been researching our family history for a decade. The report listed ethnicities of which I was already aware and gave percentages that I thought coincided exactly with our origins.

What I found amusing about the report was that it illuminated a fact that had escaped me while listing countries of origin for my ancestors. Nearly ALL of our DNA came from around the Mediterranean and a large majority came from islands, including Sicily, The Canaries and Menorca. Suddenly, I had an explanation for my need to be near water all the time and my ability to tan in the shade.

It makes perfect sense now that I sleep better on or near water than I do anywhere else. Even a simple water feature will do it. But nothing has more pull for me than the beach, which is also the only place on Earth that I awake at the crack of dawn. And it’s not just me. It’s my whole family and all my friends whose families had similar migrations to sunny Florida. Every summer of our lives has been marked with a stay at one of the gulf coast beaches.

There are so many familiar places and traditions that have been borne of these summer days, and now I get to share them with my own child. So, please excuse me now, while I go pack for another relaxing weekend on the water.

Year of a Hundred Things: “Thing” #94 – “Family History?”

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