Year of a Hundred Things – “Thing” #91 – Confidence

‘Tis true what the say, youth IS wasted on the young. In my twenties, I could intellectualize that concept, but I can actually feel it, now. Physically, I’m in very good health, without the “especially for” caveat I’m compelled to add. I’m simply healthy, for any age. I don’t lament my lost ‘youth,’ though; I lament the time I spent searching for confidence. Over the years, people-watching has shed a constellation of light on the kinds of things that give people confidence. For example, it seems obvious to me that an athlete, whose identity has been shaped by his success in sports, will have much of his confidence entangled in that sport. My husband played professional baseball. Within the confines of the baseball park, I know no one that is his rival in knowledge of and understanding of the game. He’ll tell you without hesitation what the next play will be and he’s right every time.

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