Smart is Sexy

Girls, it’s important that you understand something now that will always serve you well.

Smart is supremely sexy.

There is a chasm between brief, explosive physical attraction and the all consuming, rolling boil that is the attraction to a sexy mind.

It begins with the first laugh and mushrooms with every agile conversation. In its best moments, it becomes a tango between powerful thinkers, pulling and pushing each other harder, forcing the bar higher.

It is rich and deeply satisfying to listen to someone completely command language and ideas, urging you to want more from them and yourself.

I am a die hard sapiosexual.

I love that I am surrounded by brilliant, capable people. They are ambrosia. I look forward to interacting with them every day, learning something new from them, with them and about them.

Celebrate your smart. Own it. Seek it in others. It lasts. It changes and grows. It gives and takes in the most delicious ways.

Smart is an aphrodisiac like no other.